I wonder.

I wish I could say that this trip has given me more of a relief or maybe its been getting somewhat easier. I’m at the halfway mark of my stay and I’m still finding myself missing home. Although it has been easier to just feel a little more relaxed, so that is an upside. For the most part I feel like I am definitely ready to go home but the trip is not quite at the end yet. So what else does this place have in store for me I have no idea. Explored a little more today and was able to just to see the great scenery which was amazing. Had the opportunity to meet up with an friend and catch up, so that makes the time go by.

Now for one question that I wonder about. I’ve made a new friend here during my stay but I still wonder for someone on their own is it safe? This newly found friend offered to hangout. Maybe its just me and encounters that I have had with strangers that lets me keep my guard up but is it really that hard to find some kind hearted, genuine people that just like to welcome people into their lives. So that is the question, during your travels on your own are you quick to have your guard up, or just happily assume that these people have a warm heart and just wanted to meet you. That is my question for the day.


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