What to do next…

For the last two weeks I have been wondering to myself, what to do next? After my first solo trip vacation I came back with a new outlook. Just after Christmas time I am seeing thru my other social media outlets that everyone posts presents and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Not once have I seen any posts about giving, or that Christmas is not about opening presents. And if there was anything I learned from this trip was how it doesn’t seem right to want more than what you need but don’t get me wrong I completely understand that side of working hard and getting whatever you want.  But maybe its me getting older, I’m finding that I am wanting a more simplistic life. Where life doesn’t evolve money, and money doesn’t exactly measure happiness. I am hoping going into the new year that I am able to make better moves in order to match this new outlook. Maybe a new job? Maybe moving? Where to start I’m not sure but I have to start somewhere.


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