Off to D.C.!

Some good news to share! I have finally set a couple more travels in the books that will be coming up pretty soon. I have slacked for awhile trying to renew myself with a career change, and taking some refresher courses to see if I can get back into another passion of mine. But more details on that for another time.

But now I will share this… an adventure to Washington D.C. will be coming up in the next 2 weeks. Though, this time around I will not be by myself. I will have 2 other travel companions, and for the most part we will partake much of the tourist expectations. Tour Bus, Museums, and monuments. We’ll see how this goes….more to come.


Just 1 for 2017

Ahh! The fresh year has begun! Woke up this morning to a fresh pile of laid out snow here in Seattle, Washington. The crisp fresh air and the crunch of snow beneath my feet. Not a bad way to start out the first day of 2017. And now the dreaded New Years Resolutions! I am definitely proud to say that I completed and kept my resolutions that I set for myself last year and now time to set new goals. No worries, I won’t bore you with mine but throughout the year they may come up in future posts. But I would love to hear what everyone else has for their year of 2017. What goals are you setting for yourself? Are they big? Small? Is it to better yourself? Your family? Or even strangers/acquaintances? What ever it shall be I hope that it will be fulfill, and an adventurously wonderful occasion once completed. Cheers to you wonderful people out there! Make this year shine bright, and fill it with positivity throughout your challenges and obstacles. Don’t give up on them, no worries if you fall behind or maybe even quit a few, keep chugging forward. You can do it!

Current Read: The Alchemyst [The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel] by Michael Scott


What to do next…

For the last two weeks I have been wondering to myself, what to do next? After my first solo trip vacation I came back with a new outlook. Just after Christmas time I am seeing thru my other social media outlets that everyone posts presents and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Not once have I seen any posts about giving, or that Christmas is not about opening presents. And if there was anything I learned from this trip was how it doesn’t seem right to want more than what you need but don’t get me wrong I completely understand that side of working hard and getting whatever you want.  But maybe its me getting older, I’m finding that I am wanting a more simplistic life. Where life doesn’t evolve money, and money doesn’t exactly measure happiness. I am hoping going into the new year that I am able to make better moves in order to match this new outlook. Maybe a new job? Maybe moving? Where to start I’m not sure but I have to start somewhere.

Reflection after my first trip…

Back home, back to reality, back to what I call, “adulting.” Its been two days back at work and just like a tornado the stressors of everyday life hit me hard. If there has been one thing I learned during my semi vacation is that I loved having my random cheap online job. I was able to create my own schedule and it was stress free. Even though it was more for filling in the gaps of loneliness on  my first solo vacation, it was refreshing. It actually got me thinking, why can’t I just find another job that allows me to make my own schedule and still be successful? Why not? So, maybe just maybe this will be the start of another little adventure to look into. But let me reflect back on this trip…

It was for the most part, lonely. Once I had arrived back home I was so thankful to be home but as I look back on the trip I realize I needed it. The workaholic in me had me dying to get things done but pushing myself to relax, and just try and calmly enjoy the day was a new experience. Sometimes I get so caught up with life that I forget to just live. With that said, hopefully I can keep pushing myself to enjoy life a little more.

Also, I have learned that there are a lot of things that I believe I couldn’t do before. Simple things like going out somewhere on my own, dining on my own. Why haven’t I don’t these? Well probably because I’ve just been scared, scared for my safety that is. With how the world is today you always have to be safe, but I found myself being too paranoid. And this trip has definitely made me more independent in a sense that I can still be cautious but still do things on my own. There are still friendly strangers out there in this world and I just happened to be lucky that everyone encountered and talked to happen to be genuinely happy and kind people.

For the most part this trip was bittersweet, but I wouldn’t take it back. I learned a lot about myself as well how I want to see things when it comes to just everyday life. I don’t want to spend it in an office or a cubical. I just have to keep reminding myself to live life.



My last full day here on my trip. I can definitely say this solo trip seems very bittersweet. The upside of this trip was just being able to see old friends and the downside being on my own isn’t as fun. Maybe its me or just the workaholic in me that is not liking the feeling of having days consisting of doing nothing, it just makes me anxious. It’s not the greatest feeling in the world, and I do know others enjoy it but I have learned that I am definitely one of those people that prefers an agenda. Don’t get me wrong there were mornings where I managed sleep in past 6am and it just felt good but besides that, it was straight boring but hey make the best of it right? So the day has just begun and there’s still time for me to figure this day out. I will be back…

I wonder.

I wish I could say that this trip has given me more of a relief or maybe its been getting somewhat easier. I’m at the halfway mark of my stay and I’m still finding myself missing home. Although it has been easier to just feel a little more relaxed, so that is an upside. For the most part I feel like I am definitely ready to go home but the trip is not quite at the end yet. So what else does this place have in store for me I have no idea. Explored a little more today and was able to just to see the great scenery which was amazing. Had the opportunity to meet up with an friend and catch up, so that makes the time go by.

Now for one question that I wonder about. I’ve made a new friend here during my stay but I still wonder for someone on their own is it safe? This newly found friend offered to hangout. Maybe its just me and encounters that I have had with strangers that lets me keep my guard up but is it really that hard to find some kind hearted, genuine people that just like to welcome people into their lives. So that is the question, during your travels on your own are you quick to have your guard up, or just happily assume that these people have a warm heart and just wanted to meet you. That is my question for the day.

It’s okay to do nothing…sometimes.

What can I say? For the very first time in a really really really long time. I let myself do absolutely nothing, well almost nothing. For someone that is constantly on the move and always wanting to be able to get things done it was REFRESHING. Normally when I just sit still I am easily tempted to just get up and find something to do. Besides waking up with a terrible headache I managed to get myself up out of bed and then found myself at the hotel gym. Baby steps people! Baby steps!  On another note, another first for me was going out to eat on my own. Table for one please.

I’m slowly finding that this whole independence thing is not that bad. I use to get anxiety over even asking about things on a food menu or when I’d have to ask for things at shopping counter. It  is funny how much someone changes over their lifetime. One thing I’ve come to realize that I’m learning about myself is once you get comfortable with where you are at, you get even more scared of trying something new. It’s the unfamiliar and not knowing the end result is what pushes people back to their safe zones.  So for now, I’m learning its okay to look stupid, its okay to ask questions, and just keep trying to push yourself into new things. I’m noting this now because lets face it, I’m going to have to continue to tell myself as the days pass during this trip and just meeting people along the way.

First Day…First time Travels

The first day on my own to a familiar yet unfamiliar place. What can I say, from the plane ride, to the rental car, then waiting and finally being able to check into the hotel already had me exhausted and filled with anxiety. Besides the homesickness kicking in, I am finding that I need to remind myself to enjoy this vacation and this is suppose to be a good thing being on my own. Any advice or words of encouragement when you just feel overwhelmed or homesick?


The start…

In exactly 5 more days I will be taking my very first vacation on my very own. Now I’ve traveled before but never alone. Hopefully this will be a great adventure for me. I have been so use to working for pretty much 99.9% of my life worrying about my family and other stresses of life. So, off of an unthought out decisions I reserved a week off of work and just quickly booked a flight with some slight hesitation. With that said, what do people actually do while on vacation? I’ve only ever had vacations where you have a listed itinerary to keep yourself busy which is the workaholic in me. In fact, I actually signed myself up for some online work while I’m on vacation but I’m trying to tell myself not to work but we will see how that goes.

On that note, I’d love to hear some stories or even advice for someone going on their very first adventure travel to some honest downtime to themselves.