Just 1 for 2017

Ahh! The fresh year has begun! Woke up this morning to a fresh pile of laid out snow here in Seattle, Washington. The crisp fresh air and the crunch of snow beneath my feet. Not a bad way to start out the first day of 2017. And now the dreaded New Years Resolutions! I am definitely proud to say that I completed and kept my resolutions that I set for myself last year and now time to set new goals. No worries, I won’t bore you with mine but throughout the year they may come up in future posts. But I would love to hear what everyone else has for their year of 2017. What goals are you setting for yourself? Are they big? Small? Is it to better yourself? Your family? Or even strangers/acquaintances? What ever it shall be I hope that it will beĀ fulfill, and an adventurously wonderful occasion once completed. Cheers to you wonderful people out there! Make this year shine bright, and fill it with positivity throughout your challenges and obstacles. Don’t give up on them, no worries if you fall behind or maybe even quit a few, keep chugging forward. You can do it!

Current Read: The Alchemyst [The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel] by Michael Scott